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Branding doesn’t just start or stop with your website and social media outlets. Did you know you can have branded email as well? And it’s not that hard! Branding your email is a surprisingly low-cost marketing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. All businesses should implement an email service that is unique, professional, and secure. At Twin Oaks, our techs not only can set...

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What is Phishing?Phishing is a method used by hackers to send emails while appearing to be from a reputable source. Their goal is to steal sensitive data. This data could be anything from login credentials to credit card information. Phishing is also used to install malware on the victim's computer. How does Phishing work?By design, most Phishing emails look like legitimate emails. They need to look...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Professional Email Address You just had a chance meeting with a dream client – and you nailed the initial first impression encounter. The potential client wants to connect via email. You hand her your business card that houses your contact information, including your email address. That’s right, the email address that you created right after high school: [email protected]. While we applaud...

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