Fear of a cybersecurity breach can keep us worried. Everyone who uses a computer is at risk of external threats from cyberattacks and breach in security. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to protect yourself from cyber strikes and keep your information under lock and key.  We’ve got 7 quick ways to safeguard your system from online insurgents so you can feel secure in...

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Sparking Ideas for Your Marketing Plan

Sparking Ideas for A Successful Marketing Plan: A Guide to Beneficial Marketing Practices for Your Small Business   Picture this: You’ve done everything right as a business owner. You’ve bought the products, stocked the shelves, spread the word. For a while, you had a great response to your efforts. People loved the products and sales were on the rise. Then, suddenly, BAM: your sales suddenly hit a...

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Man Celebrates Success in Front of Computer Screen, 10 Easy Marketing Solutions Your Business Can Implement - RIGHT NOW and Twin Oaks Technology logo

“I need simple, affordable ways to promote my business. Where do I start?”Does this sound familiar? At Twin Oaks Technology, we hear this question on a daily basis. This question is so common, we knew we needed to share our ‘Marketing Made Easy Top Ten List.’ This quick reference list is filled with solutions that you can use to start marketing your business or organization...

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