Are your emails on brand?

May 9, 2023 | Business Help, Technology, Tips

Branding doesn’t just start or stop with your website and social media outlets. Did you know you can have branded email as well? And it’s not that hard! Branding your email is a surprisingly low-cost marketing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. All businesses should implement an email service that is unique, professional, and secure. At Twin Oaks, our techs not only can set up your business email under your company’s domain, but they can also provide tech support, security, and monitoring services for your branded business emails as well.

Get your name out there

You want an email with a custom domain

You want an email with a custom domain (ex. instead of a free email service (,,, etc.) so that your communication stands out and so the client knows exactly who you are and what company you represent. Plus, having an email with a custom domain builds credibility, which is major!

Using Gmail or other personal email accounts to conduct business is not a best practice we recommend. Having an email address with your company’s domain attached automatically builds credibility and recognition, which is major! This sense of professionalism will help your clients build trust with your business. Sometimes an email is your first opportunity to make an impression with a potential client. Branded email addresses give you that professional noteworthy authority.

Branded emails are another way to bring brand awareness on a daily basis. With today’s world mostly communicating through emails, every time you push send you are sending your brand’s name out to land in someone’s inbox and be seen.

Consider security

Free accounts such as,, and are vulnerable to loss of access, either by an employee or hacker.

Emails using your company’s domain, when set up properly, can offer much higher security to your business and avoid common spam and attacks. You also want a business email solution that provides you with secure features like backup, spam protection, and multifactor authentication. Our techs are experts at preventing those unwanted spam emails from ever landing in your branded email account as well as setting up the proper security features to help you avoid being hacked.

Free accounts are vulnerable to loss of access, either by an employee or hacker
tech team

At Twin Oaks we partner with Microsoft to offer branded emails at an incredibly reasonable price. Our branded business email solution gives you control over all of the accounts through one management portal, saving you time and keeping you organized. It’s time to make your emails stand out with branding! When you join the Twin Oaks Managed IT family, our techs are just a phone call away from addressing any IT business issue you may have. Business email solutions can be more complex to manage, therefore you want a partner like Twin Oaks Technology that has the experience to administer those IT Services with you.

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