3 things your web developer should be doing to set you up for SEO success

Meta Descriptions A meta description is a short summary that explains what a page is about. This summary is no longer than a few sentences and it appears in Google search results for that page. By a developer installing meta descriptions on the back end of your website, they are helping Google and consumers know exactly what you intend each page for. This will help your...

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at TwinOaks, we know SEO

We not only know what it is… but we know how to implement it into your website to help Google searchers find you first amongst your competitors. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What’s that mean for you? It is the process of taking your website and “optimizing” it so it comes up on search engines like Google in a top-ranking position. This optimization focuses...

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full service technology

Does your current technology support slow down your business? Do you find yourself frustrated at your emails, under another cyber-attack, or enduring slow load times on your devices? All these common tech problems are time consuming and slow down your productivity as a business owner. At Twin Oaks we strive to be your tech partner that takes all the stress and troubleshooting time away from...

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are your emails on brand

Branding doesn’t just start or stop with your website and social media outlets. Did you know you can have branded email as well? And it’s not that hard! Branding your email is a surprisingly low-cost marketing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. All businesses should implement an email service that is unique, professional, and secure. At Twin Oaks, our techs not only can set...

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Which Social Platform is right for you?

One question we get asked a lot is what social media platform is best for my business? That is a great (and very wise!) question to ask. We aren’t in the business of wasting your time on a platform that won’t drive results – and that goes for you too.To answer this question, you need to understand what audience each platform targets most as well...

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