We offer Branding & logo design!

Your brand tells the story of your company, organization, or event – and we love a good story! Especially one that speaks the truth, draws people in, and makes people want to stay by building the integrity of your product or service.

At Twin Oaks, we know that branding is the most foundational piece of your marketing plan. Our experienced team works to understand your company’s mission, personality, and the look and feel that you are striving to convey to future customers. We know that a good brand builds trust – and trust builds business!

suzanne harper

Suzanne Harper

Marketing Director

Step 1:

You will meet with our marketing director who will discuss your company’s history, mission, products and services, and all of the wonderful and unique things that set you apart from anyone else. We will discuss the budget for your project as well as time estimates.

Step 2:

You will be sent a design questionnaire so we can get an even better understanding of the look and feel you are wishing to achieve as well as your design preferences and dislikes. Your design questionnaire will be submitted to our lead designer who you will be connected with for the remainder of the design process. We work with you until you receive the logo that tells YOUR story! You will also be provided with a style guide complete with font choices, color schemes, secondary logos, and any additional assets that will be useful to you in all of your marketing efforts moving forward.


Katie Beth Byars

Lead Designer

it all starts with a logo ...

A visual identity is formed, and so is your style guide!

Events, merch & more!