Don’t toss your social media plan out with the leftovers!

Nov 15, 2023 | Business Help, Ideas, Marketing, Tips

Social media is your greatest tool this holiday season. It’s the height of spending season- and customers are looking for ideas, what’s trending, sales, and inspiration! Now’s the time to leverage your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok’s free advertising options for your business in the height of the holiday rush. Our social media team has shared their top 3 best tips for this time of year:

What you should be posting: Daily photos and more importantly VIDEOS

Things people like to see:

  • A seven second reel of a new display you’ve created with a cheerful holiday trending audio playing. Set a time lapse and record from start to finish then edit it and throw it out so your followers see what’s new in your store space!
  • An unboxing video of new holiday merch coming out. Display text about services like free delivery, free gift wrapping, or perhaps registries that you should be pushing during this time on the video. These all make excellent social media reels that are shareable and engaging to see that will spark shopping inspiration.
  • Gift packages you have put together can be placed in scrolling carousel format and paired with a holiday theme song. Let people know who the ideal buyers is, different budgets for different packages, and if you offer free shipping. All these things you can make a graphic for or add in the comments with a CTA to “read more in the comments” on your post.

We love a good sale – bring on the Holiday Promos!

If you are trying to drive traffic to your website or boost engagement on your social media, PUSH OUT THE SALES!! Make sure to blast out any sales or special promos you will run for the holidays to drum up interest. Savings are always enticing and especially around the holiday season. Give aways for gift cards or online promo codes are great ways to boost engagement in your social media and get people to stop by your business to look around or shop your online storefront!

shopping opp

Responsiveness is key! Concentrate on Customer Service

If we could pick one tip for the holidays to make sure you follow, it’s to ramp up your customer service responsiveness! Being 100% responsive on social media via comments and DM’s is so important during this time. Did you know 60% of users turn to Facebook for customer service questions? And during peak holiday shopping season, you may be faced with a lot of questions, and that’s great! Stay on top of your timely responses and maintain the great customer service experience for your customers. Failure to answer could make someone think you’re not open, not interested in their business, or worse they could turn to a more responsive competitor! Make sure you have the appropriate action plan set up so when someone reaches out via social media you have a dedicated person responding and answering their questions.

sm team

Start planning now and have fun with it! The holidays give you a chance to break away from your normal branding and do something out of the box and festive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed this holiday season and want help jump starting your social media, give us a call and well get your social media in gear with holiday cheer.