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The Need for Site Speed

Do you have the need for speed? Site speed that is? Here at Twin Oaks we are all speeders, but we always obey the laws…Statistics prove according to Websitebuilderexpert.com, “If a site takes up to 10 seconds to load, then the chance of a bounce increases to 123%. Users spend more time on a website when its pages load faster. In fact, users visit 8.9...

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Business owners too quickly dismiss the idea of adding a blog to their website to help promote their business. Most see blogging as too time consuming with little to no added value.  The marketing experts at Twin Oaks are here to tell you otherwise!Content updates like regular blog posts are one of the most significant things a business owner can do to add value to their...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Professional Email Address You just had a chance meeting with a dream client – and you nailed the initial first impression encounter. The potential client wants to connect via email. You hand her your business card that houses your contact information, including your email address. That’s right, the email address that you created right after high school: [email protected]. While we applaud...

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