Wait… Is This a Blog About a Blog???  

Feb 7, 2023 | Marketing, SEO, Tips

Business owners too quickly dismiss the idea of adding a blog to their website to help promote their business. Most see blogging as too time consuming with little to no added value.  The marketing experts at Twin Oaks are here to tell you otherwise!

Content updates like regular blog posts are one of the most significant things a business owner can do to add value to their website and help their brand promote its services on Google. Blogs don’t have to be strenuous or over complicated. Read below for 3 reasons why they are essential for your website’s longevity success, plus we’ve included a few easy blogging ideas to get started.

Blog for Google

Blogging Keeps Your Site Relevant

We don’t blog for people as much as we blog for Google. I know that sounds a bit strange but if none of you ever read this, it’s ok because guess who is reading this… GOOGLE.

This blog tells Google that Twin Oaks is a thriving active business that puts out routine content which helps keep us at the top of the Google business rankings for our relevant search terms. Meaning this blog helps Google like us and when Google likes a business it shows it on page one when someone searches versus page 100. Basic SEO 101!

For more of that SEO Business explained see our past blog here.

Cross Market with your blogs

Blogging Keeps Content Coming

We all know by now a successful business must produce content, not only that Google likes, but also that consumers find interesting. When you create a blog, you are creating something for your consumers to engage with.

You can engage your audience on any platform. You can repost your blog on your website, an email marketing campaign, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can use that one piece of content (your blog) to cross market yourself on all platforms, maximizing the investment you made when creating it.

Blogging creates an avenue to spread your company’s message easily throughout many different marketing streams!

Engage your followers

Blogging Keeps Engagement Up

Every time you roll out your blog across your platforms, you are giving your audience a chance to engage with your brand. They can see you are relevant and active in your field of service.

You can push out sales, new products or services, tips relevant to your field, and much more. This engagement can lead your audience to your website increasing your chances of having a conversion that leads to $.

Twin Oaks Check List to Good Blogging

  • Interesting / relevant topic to your business
  • 250+ Words
  • Include a photo or graphic
  • Post monthly or at least quarterly
  • Share on all social outlets

Not a writer? We can write for you!

We would love the opportunity to open a mini blog on your site and post monthly or, at bare minimum, quarterly.

Ideas for blogs include: tips and tricks for you field of service, new services explained, promotions and offers, facts and statistics that pertain to your field of service, something fun like introduce you team, or do a day in the life of one of your employees!

If you don’t want to blog we’ll blog for you!

Kristian Harris
Digital Project Manger

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