Navigating the Challenges of Mid-Pandemic Small Business Marketing

Jan 27, 2022 | Business Help, Ideas, Innovation, Marketing, Tips, Uncategorized

Marketing can be challenging for a small business owner. Add in an ongoing pandemic to the equation and ‘marketing’ can translate to ‘meltdown’. The small business promotional model has changed quite a bit in the last couple of unusual years. A number of business owners and entrepreneurs have reached out to us requesting help. How does a small business navigate this new and changing world of mid-pandemic business promotion? We’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help make sense of what works and what to toss out in favor of some new tricks for marketing a small business in today’s wild business climate.


Our list of Do’s and Don’ts include:


  • DO establish your online presence as baseline
  • DON’T be afraid to think outside of the box
  • DO engage with your audience
  • DON’T assume small businesses can ignore marketing
  • DO play up to your strengths
  • DO delegate when possible


DO Establish Your Online Presence as Baseline

An online presence for a business, small or large, is standard. The public must be able to find information online about your business. Ask yourself the following questions. Does your business have a Google Business page? If so, is it up-to-date? Do you have a business website? If so, is mobile friendly? Where does your business rank in a Google search? If you’re not on the first page, your business is in need of SEO services. All of these pieces come together to form a successful, established online business presence.


DON’T Be Afraid to Think Outside of the Box

This pandemic is teaching us to be resourceful. Many of us don’t remember what we did before Walmart pickup. Creativity is key. How can your business best utilize its resources? Can you offer your services or products in a new way to the public? Curb side pickup and establishing delivery services are two popular ways businesses have adapted to providing services during the pandemic. If you have to close temporarily due to exposure or sickness, consider another way to stay in the loop with your audience. Do something that relates to your unique business: go live and talk about an upcoming sale, teach a class, prepare a recipe, or live stream an exercise class.


DO Engage with Your Audience

Today’s consumer wants more than products and services – especially during these unusual pandemic times. They want to understand and connect with a business or organization in order to establish a relationship and sense of brand loyalty. The best way to connect with your current and potential customer is to maintain an available and engaging presence. If you don’t utilize social media, start. Update your social media platforms often with content that is entertaining, true to your brand, supports the communities you serve, and promotes your product or service.


DON’T Assume Small Businesses Can Ignore Marketing

Small businesses often have a tiny or non-existent marketing budget. That said, no matter its size, marketing is important to the success of any business. It means more than simply informing people about your products and services. If you are the owner of a small business, you’re competing with millions of other businesses for a standout spot in the marketplace. Successful marketing can happen on a reasonable and small scale.  small community of followers, successful marketing creates consistency, a clearly defined brand image, and a space for customer loyalty.


DO Play Up To Your Strengths

Every business has its own special attributes that set it apart as unique in the market. What makes your business or organization unique? Can you identify what you offer that’s just a bit different than your competitors? What is it that keeps your return customers coming back? Maybe it’s your unparalleled customer service, your delivery options, the ease of purchase, or something else. Whatever the trait, it’s a selling point and your distinct angle from which to promote what makes your business special.


DO Delegate When Possible

Marketing is very often an integral part of a business that falls through the cracks. Not every company owner has the time to commit to creating and executing a marketing plan, nor the budget to hire a dedicated marketing employee. Don’t let that hinder your team or become a source for stress. Decide which method of promotion interests you and delegate those associated tasks. Outsourcing can help provide a great return on your investment while relieving your team of marketing pressure.

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