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Man Celebrates Success in Front of Computer Screen, 10 Easy Marketing Solutions Your Business Can Implement - RIGHT NOW and Twin Oaks Technology logo

“I need simple, affordable ways to promote my business. Where do I start?” Does this sound familiar? At Twin Oaks Technology, we hear this question on a daily basis. This question is so common, we knew we needed to share our ‘Marketing Made Easy Top Ten List.’ This quick reference list is filled with solutions that you can use to start marketing your business or organization...

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SEO Building Blocks, Twin Oaks, SEO Basics

SEO: everyone wants ‘better SEO’, but what does that actually mean? SEO building blocks and basics doesn't have to elude you. In a world where everything is summed up into a little 3 letter acronym, the true meaning of SEO may have gone in one ear and out the other. But, one thing that is pretty much universally understood is search engines, more specifically Google....

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