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Sep 19, 2022 | Business Help, Marketing, SEO, Tips

Once you have the basics of your Google Business Listing set up, as we outlined in our last blog, there are a few more technical items you can engage in to benefit your business: Google Analytics and SEO tagging. Don’t be turned off by these “tech” terms! You don’t have to be a brainiac to set up your Google Analytics account or an analyst to understand the data. It’s a no brainer that it adds value to your website and business!  


Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you awesome site intel. It can tell you how many users have been on your site, what pages they spend the most time on, how they found your site, and much more! All this data can be used to improve your site and market your business better. If you can understand what pages your customers spend the most time on, you can make sure those pages are targeted for SEO and marketed. On the other side, if you see pages that aren’t getting engagement then you know those pages may need to be updated for relevancy or edited to create a better customer experience. Understanding how someone found your site lets you know what marketing tools are working for you and where you need to invest more. The more data the better! The more informed you are as a business owner, the better decisions you can make for your business. 


We’ve covered SEO in past blogs and here it is again playing an important role. You can take the services and products you listed on your Google Business Listing, which should mirror the content on your website, and plug in tags and headers into your site to make your site pages have full optimization. By filling in these tags and title fields, Google sees your site and business listing as one complete loop. The algorithm can quickly identify your goods and services, tie them to your website, and pull your page up higher on Google search listings. Now your Google Analytics dashboard can be used to watch customers engage and interact with these pages you have just optimized. The puzzle is complete!  


As a business owner, if you have invested the time and money into a website for your business, these additional steps can create a bigger return on your investment. The best part? You can track your success through your Google Analytics dashboard and SEO work as you see your listing climb the Google rankings over time. Google’s search engine makes your life easier every day as you use it to find out one thing or another, why not let Google work for your business too through its free business-friendly platforms like Google Business and Google Analytics? 



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