Be in the Know on SEO: How SEO Will Help Grow Your Business

Jun 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

Business owners depend on search engines as their company’s digital presence has become its brick-and-mortar storefront. Even tech-savvy business owners find themselves struggling to land a spot on Google’s coveted front page. So, what’s the secret to take your business’ ranking from page 50 to page 1? It’s an effective employment of content SEO! As clients reach out for help to climb the Google rankings and improve visibility of their digital listings, we’ve decided to write an in-depth blog that looks at what SEO is, how SEO works, and 8 benefits of SEO for your business.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a consistent and often extensive process of enhancing the visibility of your business online. When visibility is improved, online traffic increases, and so does the connection of people with your product or service. The SEO process involves several strategies and tactics that work in tandem with search engines to establish and maintain the online legitimacy of your business. The ultimate goal of SEO is to achieve a higher rank in search engine result pages and drive more traffic to the business website with the ultimate objective of generating leads and sales.

The SEO process not only enhances the quantity of website traffic, but also the quality. A high quantity of website traffic can mean good online visibility and brand awareness. High quality traffic, on the other hand, can result in an increase in sales and a higher rate of conversion. This is important because it demonstrates how the SEO approach is two-fold. First, it meets customer needs in a way that’s agreeable with search engines. Secondly, it provides a well-traveled digital path for customers to find your business. To pack this awesome one-two punch, SEO enlists several strategies that are overviewed at a high level here:

Keyword analysis – Research and identify the most relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and tags to produce the best potential for traffic through searches.
Build backlinks – Include the most relevant links from well established, high-quality websites.
Create content – Craft solid, useful content that is related to your business and optimize it for search engines. This could be in the form of blogs, infographics, videos, social media, newsletters or within the text of the webpage.
Measure results – Utilize domain and visitor analysis tools to evaluate quantity of visitors and how they reach your website.

Our clients see real results from SEO services. Take a look at the graph below to see the success of one of our awesome clients, Triple J Truck Repair and Towing.

SEO results don’t happen overnight. Just like real life, SEO requires committed effort toward establishment over time to gain authority. This is based on several factors including fierce competition, age of active website domain, inbound links to your site, and trial and error with keywords. It also takes time for search engines, like Goggle, to make note of a site’s SEO enhancements. Sometimes the stars align, and SEO results come in a short time, but many struggle with achieving results quickly. SEO requires many steppingstones to be successful. There is no greater help to your business than content. Content is King! The best kind of content engages and informs an audience about who you are and what you have to offer. Include this concept in your framework to build out a strategic SEO plan.

So why does this matter to your business – and what do you get out of it? SEO holds some super benefits to your business. The good news is that you can start building up your SEO today and there’s a couple of ways to do it. You can personally work toward building up the SEO for your business, or you can employ the help of experts. With a reputable SEO company backing you up, the sky’s the limit! 
Here are 8 ways that a good SEO strategy can benefit your business:

1. Increase the Traffic to Your Website
Getting more people to visit your website is one of the biggest reasons to employ SEO strategies. The tactics that you use while utilizing SEO will bump up your ranking on Google, which will subsequently drive traffic to your website. The higher you rank, the greater the number of clicks, and the higher the possibility of leads and sales.

2. SEO Establishes Credibility for Your Site
It’s crucial that your business has online legitimacy. SEO will help your website be 2 legit 2 quit. (Sorry, we had to say it!) A credible site comes up easily in a search because it has gained an established authority over time. This credibility helps customers new and old to trust in a business brand.

3. SEO Helps You Climb to the Top – and Helps You Stay There
Once you’ve got top ranking on Google, it’s pretty tough to get knocked out of that spot. SEO strategies can also help you stay ahead of the competition. Thereby, the opportunity exists to analyze the strategies of your competitors.

4. You Might Just Save Some Cash
SEO strategies use targeted methods. Traditional advertising strategies are often trial and error and effectiveness is often unknown. SEO gets your business out in front of the right audience for your product or service leading to an increased chance of engagement and sales.

5. Get the Figures on Your SEO Investment
If you’re working with a team who has expertise in SEO, they can provide some great SEO data. This includes great stats on traffic, customer conversion figures, ranking, and tracking info on the effectiveness of your SEO ads. This will help you evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and a new jump off point for modifying your action plan. Furthermore, an SEO investment is lasting. With attention, it even gets better over time.

6. SEO is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Advertising
Advertising is notoriously expensive for business owners. Think of SEO as a different kind of method of advertising. It’s measurable and has new and interesting data points that traditional advertising doesn’t commonly offer. Good SEO stats informs you about what your customers are searching for, what they’re purchasing, and essential pricing info.

7. SEO Will Increase Your Subscribers, Followers, and/or Social Engagement
Even though it’s often not included in the game plan, another great benefit of SEO is an increase in social engagement. When your public finds your business through a search that is related to your product or service, the chances of a follow/opt-in/like/subscribe increase exponentially. Now it’s official – this person wants to hear from you! After they become a follower, you can reach your audience directly with messaging, sales, and promotion opportunities.

8. Someone Will Be Top Spot – Why Not You?
The truth of the matter is this: SEO is here to stay. Some business owner is employing SEO to rank #1 on the Google search page. Why not your business? We’ve provided a few ways that SEO can help your business, but there are many other terrific ways that SEO works for the benefit of your business. That said, we understand that the entire process can be a new and challenging set of strategies that your business may not have the time or energy to enlist. If you feel lost, it might be time to call in reinforcements. Consider calling in a team of SEO experts to help you maximize your digital presence and get lasting benefits from SEO for your business.

Wondering how SEO can help your specific business? Want more about the benefits of SEO in general? We’d love to talk with you. Call us toll free to schedule a consultation: 855-882-5100. We can’t wait to connect with you!