Do you need a full service technology solutions partner?

Jun 5, 2023 | Business Help, Technology, Tips

Does your current technology support slow down your business? Do you find yourself frustrated at your emails, under another cyber-attack, or enduring slow load times on your devices? All these common tech problems are time consuming and slow down your productivity as a business owner. At Twin Oaks we strive to be your tech partner that takes all the stress and troubleshooting time away from you, so you are fully optimized to operate your business with technology that supports your goals and mission! Here are a few ways Twin Oaks can support you as your technology solutions manager:

technology solutions manager

1. Desktops / Laptops and Backup

We offer a variety of solutions for your tech hardware. We can handle ordering and installing your office computers, printers, and any other hardware you may need. Our techs will work with you to determine exactly what specific hardware you need to support your growing business, so you don’t pay for pricey items you don’t need. Once we have your hardware set up, we can also get you covered with back-up in case any of it malfunctions in an unforeseen circumstance. We will always have your back and make sure your data isn’t lost and is accessible to decrease downtime and keep your business going strong.

2. Antivirus, Malware, and Firewall

We can install antivirus, malware, and firewalls on your new or existing equipment. These items will ensure your hardware stays up and running to support your business and withstand any phishing cyber-attacks. This is a security measure you don’t want to skip! Don’t leave your hardware or your client’s data at risk by not staying protected. By taking the time to make this cost-efficient add-on to your business’ tech, you are ensuring that you can safely and securely manage your business online without fear of being at risk to the massive amounts of cyber-attacks on the web.

3. Phone and VoIP

Did you know we also set up phones? If you need a network of office phones, we can handle the whole process! We will order the needed phone hardware, install, and train you in how to set up phone trees and voicemails. We can assist you in setting up multiple lines, call waiting, and forwarding. Once we have your phone needs met, we can assist with ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting any future phone issues you may have.

4. Email and Office Systems

We offer full solutions for any office emails you may need. We can purchase your needed email domain to match your business’ name and set up a total Microsoft package for each member in your office. We are also your on-call tech team if you have any email issues in the future! We will always set up safety features to help filter out spam and keep your inbox protected from malicious attacks. Our email office solutions are extremely affordable and are scalable for offices of all sizes.

5. Intranet

Do you need to operate off of a local or restricted network that is highly secure and private? We are highly experienced and qualified to set your office up with its own intranet. We can handle the full process from start to finish, becoming your technology partner that can manage any task you throw our way! We know how important reliable intranet can be to offices that rely on it to support their customers and business. Once installed and set up, we can come alongside your business and serve as your full-service technology partner.


At Twin Oaks Tech we have a lot to offer as your technology solutions partner. We are ready to sit down with you to find out how we can create solutions that will help your business operate smoothly and launch into future growth. If you need help with one of the services above or have another tech need on your mind reach out today to talk to a tech and get your IT needs in check!


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