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Jul 18, 2023 | Business Help, Marketing, SEO, Tips

We not only know what it is… but we know how to implement it into your website to help Google searchers find you first amongst your competitors. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What’s that mean for you? It is the process of taking your website and “optimizing” it so it comes up on search engines like Google in a top-ranking position. This optimization focuses on your site’s content and the wording you use to describe your services. It focuses on things like titles and how they represent what key search terms you want to be known for. Optimization allows us to dig deeper into things like meta description and alt image titles making sure they are Google friendly, and a BIG portion of the optimization goes into supercharging your site speed and image load time. Yes- site speed helps your SEO!

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Google also ranks websites based off of how it (Google) can easily scan and read it. If your site doesn’t have the proper headers, titles, descriptions, and content, Google can’t read the pages and identify what keywords or searches to link your site. If your site is slow loading, Google will automatically rank your site lower and see it as not credible and lacking authority in your field of services. Google not only ranks you site on desktop – the mobile version of your website has a HUGE impact on where you show up in the Google ranking system. If you’re wondering where you currently rank on Google, reach out to us today! We can run a FREE site diagnostic and show you how Google feels about your site and suggest areas of improvement.

SEO doesn’t have to be an expensive marketing endeavor. At Twin Oaks we have several package options that can serve any type of business with any budget! We perform an initial audit on your current SEO standing, what your customers are searching for to find you, and how your competitors rank as well. Our team then works with you to determine the best plan to fit your goals and target area. Our plans range from small local markets to large metropolitan or national campaigns. And this month we have a promotion too – Sign up for any of our plans for at least 6 months, and we will waive the set-up cost!

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