Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

Mar 26, 2019 | Marketing

Do you love your website? Is it a good representation of your brand, and does it successfully promote your services?
With so many brands and businesses competing for attention, it’s imperative that you maintain and keep your website fresh and in line with recent design trends, technological advancements and search engine algorithms (if you care about SEO…and you should!) After all, a website is often the first opportunity you have to make a great first impression with a potential client.
Here are some signs that it’s time to revamp and redesign your website:

1. You don’t want to tell people about your website.

You should not be afraid to give out your website URL. Your website is an online representation of your business and you should be proud to tell others about it.

2. It looks and feels outdated.

Believe it or not, looks do matter in this case. Your website needs to have a fresh look, modern feel, and not like it’s stuck in the early 2000s.

3. It has been 3-5 years since you designed/updated your website.

There is not set in stone rule about how long a website should last, but every year there are new improvements, updates, and rules that affect how Google ranks websites. If it has been a couple of years since you have made changes to your website, then you would probably benefit from an update.

4. Not mobile friendly or responsive.

According to SimilarWeb, 63% of visits to a website were on mobile, while 37% of visits were on Desktop. If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive you could be losing out on potential visits, leads, and conversions.

5. Less traffic, leads, and conversions from your website.

If you are seeing a drop off in traffic, leads, or conversions, this could be tied to your visitors not finding the information they are looking for. You don’t want them to leave and find what they are searching for elsewhere.

6. Your competitors have newer and updated websites.

If your competitor’s website is updated and outperforming yours, then it might be time to update yours as well. This will help you get the boost you need to get back to the top.

7. Changes and updates are difficult or impossible.

Making changes and updates to the website is a great way to keep your site fresh and full of new content for your customers. But if making these changes becomes too difficult or impossible, then it’s time to redesign your website.

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