Party Bot is in the House Tonight!  

Dec 6, 2022 | Business Help, Marketing, SEO, Tips

Prepping Your Website for the Ultimate Party on Google 


We love an analogy. A Christmas robot party analogy? Heck yeah- let’s give it a whirl!  


When it comes to building a website, think of it as the ultimate place to “host” your customers digitally. While you’re busy rolling out the red carpet for your valued guests, let’s not forget the VIP list of “bots” that continuously crawl pages on Google, looking for the best place in town to hang. Why are the bots important? If the bots are happy, your site will be promoted to the public (on Google) as the best place to be! If it’s outdated and you’re serving up old content…they might tell other partygoers to pass and go on to the next place. So, let’s walk through our to-do list and make sure those proverbial baseboards are clean, shall we? 


The Housewarming Party 


When your website was first built it was likely indexed and a sitemap was uploaded into the Google Search Console by your web developer. This made Google happy. Really happy! 


Google could easily read the site map and even sent initial bots out for a welcoming party to inspect your site. The bots returned and told Google who you are, where you are, and what you are trying to do.  


Google matched these reports with your sitemap and said, “ok cool! you are now indexed into my library of sites I will display when someone searches for your keyword services.” 


Your website welcoming party was a success! Indexing is essential, so make sure you or your web developer haven’t skipped this step. You don’t want anyone not to be able to find your address! 


Party Pooper


Although your initial housewarming party was a success with Google, things have gotten busy at your actual business and you haven’t hosted the bots in a while. No new content has hit your site since it was initially built. Needless to say, in Googles eyes you’ve been a real party pooper!   


The bots have actually been quite busy going to newer website welcoming parties. In fact, the word on the street is they were seen at your competitor’s place across town because they put up some flashy new photos………  


Since you haven’t invited the bots back over in quite some time, Google now prioritizes these other guys over you because the bots won’t stop talking about everything they learned at the competitor’s party. It looks like you’re old news! 


You gotta fight…for your right…to partaaaaaaay 


Don’t worry- not all is lost! The fix is very easy. Just party in the USA! Get out your decorations, jam some music, and call those bots back over with some new flashy content. Google needs to know that you’re still around and want to be seen on those listing search results. Google needs to know you are still RELEVANT and a contender for your listed services.  

   To do this we recommend content updates like the ones listed below.  

   1. New write up of 250-300 words about new business ventures or products for your front page 

   2. Seasonal Promotion Blurb 

   3. New Images 

   4. Mini blog implementation displaying news, promotions, or any relevant content to your brand.  

It doesn’t matter if swarms of people read your new mini blog, the bots will read it and the bots will inform Google. Google ideally likes to see three content updates a month for you to stay relevant in your service field and trend up on the Google search rankings.  


It’s this simple website maintenance that can help the longevity of your web presence and search listing results. Without these monthly bot parties, you’ll lose the interest of Google and your site’s ranking in the search engine can trend down.  


Not a Party type of person? 


Twin Oaks can throw one heck of a party and robots tend to be our best friends! Our marketing team is the master of content creation and placement.  


Have you ever checked into our Website Managed Service plan?  


Monthly basic content updates like this are included in the service! We will work with you to create quarterly content boosts for your site and get them updated.  


Let the bot party begin! Your site will stay current and relevant as we routinely check for broken links, outdated material, and faulty pages. No one likes to come to a bad party, so we will ensure your site stays running in optimal performance in our website managed service plan.  


Wanna Party Every Day? 


Regular bot parties will organically raise your SEO but if you want to take it a step further and throw an epic shindig Google’s bots can’t forget, consider one of our SEO packages.  


Our marketing team will help determine your website’s goals, and then use these goals to develop main keywords that support your services. We’ll help you choose targeted areas that are best for your business whether they be local or national.  


Through Twin Oaks Tech’s SEO program, we can choose a plan with specific targeting that makes Google see you, like you, and display you as a TOP CONTENDER because there ain’t no party like a TWIN OAKS PARTY! 


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Kristian Harris

Digital Project Manager