Is your website a hidden Easter Egg?

Mar 21, 2024 | SEO, Website

There are millions of businesses that have listings on Google, with hundreds of thousands of business listings offering similar services to yours. If your website feels like a hidden Easter Egg among a sea of competitors – that’s totally understandable! But it’s not hopeless, and there are ways to climb the ranks. Having a strong presence on Google is crucial for visibility and attracting potential customers. With a solid SEO strategy, we can unveil it to more visitors in search engine results. So…what are some first steps in turning that goose egg into a golden egg? Let’s get into it!

First thing’s first…what does SEO even mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which your website is crawled, ranked, and displayed on Google. It is the ranking system that determines in what order Google pulls you up when someone searches for your website.

#1 rank Google result

Why does SEO matter?

Do you want your website to be like a hidden easter egg amongst thousands in the search results for consumers… or do you want it to take prize egg status and be ranked in the most wanted spot #1 in the Google search results? You didn’t pay to have a website made for no one to see it or for people to have to scroll through pages to find you. Think about it…how often do you search past page 1 of Google to select a business to visit? You are lucky if they are scrolling past the first 5 ranking search results.

The big question everyone wants to know…

How do you go from being a hidden egg to the prize egg everyone wants? You need a tailored SEO plan for your website that optimizes your site in a way that makes Google proud to show it off first for consumers. Any website not wanting to be overlooked by Google and other search engines like Bing need on going comprehensive SEO plan!

seo is a must

How does SEO work and how do I get it?

When you enlist a trusted professional to help you with SEO, they review your current site weaknesses and implement some groundwork into the foundation of your website like keyword rich copy, service location based H1 tags and headers, and extreme emphasis must be put on site speed. Google will not rank a slow loading, poor image rendering website. These components along with many more like building authority with Google and other search engines, backlinking, and routine content output are all services that should be performed by a SEO Specialist that can give you stats, data, and examples of the SEO work performed because good SEO is completely measurable. It’s important to have monthly meetings with your SEO specialist to check in on how your rankings are doing and collectively decide on keyword campaign ideas. Through reporting you can see where your site started to where it is after optimization! Keyword research can show you what you currently rank for and what areas / services you need to improve on.

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