Is it Time to Revamp Your Brand?

Sep 12, 2023 | Business Help, Innovation, Marketing

As we approach peak shopping season, most businesses are gearing up to fill demand for their busiest quarter of the year. This could mean doubling marketing efforts, hiring seasonal workers, and offering special promotions to drive those end of year sales. This is also a great opportunity to assess where you stand with your promotional efforts. Are your sales stagnant, or are they skyrocketing compared to last year? Website losing traffic? Maybe you’ve noticed a drop in the call volume your business is receiving. We call this a lull, and all businesses experience them. Don’t let this lull loom over you and cause discouragement! Look at this as an opportunity to reevaluate, grow, and get better! Here are 3 suggestions we have if your business has hit the dreaded (but not doomed) lull. 

Don’t be afraid to rebrand 

You are not forced to stay with your original logo, brand colors, or “theme”. If it’s become outdated or through trial and error you’ve found your audience isn’t resonating with it, it’s time to get out with the old and in with the new. If your brand image isn’t serving you, REVAMP IT! REBUILD IT AND REBRAND IT! Small things like logo updates, unifying your fonts and colors, refreshing your digital store font, or social media pages, can all help you regain the attention of your audience and jump start hype around your services pulling you out of that lull and getting your business the looks it deserves. 

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What’s your story? 

People love a good story. They need an easy to follow narrative when connecting with your brand. It should be a very straightforward concept that tells them what you are offering and why they need it – and also, what you are about as a company! Don’t over complicate it, just be true to your brand and make sure it’s translated in your marketing efforts. Your logo, graphics, and other marketing techniques should all support it but not overshadow it.   

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How are you engaging?

Some questions to consider:  

  • What platforms are you currently using to engage your audience or customers?  
  • Have you considered how accessible your business is to your target clients?  
  • Is it easy for them to find you on Google?  
  • Do you promote your website, so they know where to find you?  
  • Do you keep your social media relevant and current, so they frequently see you in their feeds?  

Take a step back and ask yourself if this an area you need to improve on. You can have the best branding and the clearest message in the world, but if people can’t see it, then it does your business no good. Check into services like SEO or a starter social media package that could help get your business out into the eyes of the consumer searching for it. If marketing is not in your business budget at this time, we recommend starting with free services that Google offers through setting up a Google Business Profile.  

We are here to help in all your marketing efforts. If you’d like more information on rebranding, logo design, social media, or SEO reach out to the marketing team at Twin Oaks Tech and we’ll help get your marketing in check! 


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