The Simple Software Solution to Automate All Your Warehouse Functions

The Twin Oaks Warehouse Management System

is an automated solution for the warehouse, including waving orders, picking, packing, shipping, inventory control, dock control and quality control.  The system is capable of integrating with any ERP or back office system with real time data communication.  Additionally, the system integrates with warehouse control systems such as PLCs, conveyors, diverters, in-line dimensioner and scales to provide sophisticated package routing and automation.  The Twin Oaks WMS system integrates with all major shipping carriers for fast, efficient shipping.

Solution Functions

The Twin Oaks WMS provides the following functionality : waving customer orders, multiple methods of order picking including rush, zone, cart, group and mini pick aisle, packing orders, value added services for automated customer carton labeling and ticketing, automated carton dimensions and weights, integrated carrier shipping, dock control, LTL/Truck load management, outbound and inbound quality control, inventory control, real-time statistics with a web portal for monitoring performance and the ability to easily customize and extend the solution for additional requirements.

Competitive Advantage

Increase warehouse productivity and improve order turnaround time with warehouse automation

Reduce labor costs by quickly adjusting to work demands using real-time statistics

Say “Yes we can” when the Sales group asks if you can support specific customer requirements

Reduce and eliminate customer chargebacks with automated validation and error checking

Improve and speed-up employee on-boarding with an easy to use system that provides real-time error validation

Build incentive programs and reward employees for excellent performance using employee statistics

Easily support customer service with a web portal, providing information on orders status, shipping and tracking

Reduce shipping costs with automated retrieval of carton dimensions and weights

Improved customer experience with faster shipping and fewer errors

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