Author: Ana sabellano

social media

Social media is your greatest tool this holiday season. It’s the height of spending season- and customers are looking for ideas, what’s trending, sales, and inspiration! Now’s the time to leverage your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok’s free advertising options for your business in the height of the holiday rush. Our social media team has shared their top 3 best tips for this time of year: What...

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As we approach peak shopping season, most businesses are gearing up to fill demand for their busiest quarter of the year. This could mean doubling marketing efforts, hiring seasonal workers, and offering special promotions to drive those end of year sales. This is also a great opportunity to assess where you stand with your promotional efforts. Are your sales stagnant, or are they skyrocketing compared...

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3 things your web developer should be doing to set you up for SEO success

Meta Descriptions A meta description is a short summary that explains what a page is about. This summary is no longer than a few sentences and it appears in Google search results for that page. By a developer installing meta descriptions on the back end of your website, they are helping Google and consumers know exactly what you intend each page for. This will help your...

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at TwinOaks, we know SEO

We not only know what it is… but we know how to implement it into your website to help Google searchers find you first amongst your competitors. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What’s that mean for you? It is the process of taking your website and “optimizing” it so it comes up on search engines like Google in a top-ranking position. This optimization focuses...

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